Who Is Creating Problems in Your Life?

Who Is Creating Problems in Your Life? You co-create your reality. You feel that you and you alone are responsible for what is happening around you. This is largely true, but it also includes some more variables. Once you understand what these variables are, life becomes so much easier.

Who Is Creating Problems in Your Life?

Research shows that we humans are harsh for fairness. If someone meets us more then we are not happy. Which is more interesting – we will see that they also remain unhappy.

The researchers conducted a very attractive experiment. In each experiment there will be two people – A and B. A will be given a change of the value of $ 100, and he can decide how the money will be divided. Once they had decided the proportion in which the money would be divided, it was up to them to decide whether to keep the money or not. How to Face Problems in Your Life.

There was one important point to note – it was free money. A and B got to keep the money (after the experiment) if B decided that both could keep the money.

In many cases A decided to distribute 50/50 paise. And B thought it was fair enough, so B decided that both could keep the money.

Some things of Rekha turned out very interesting somewhere. In cases where A decided to split it into 70/30, B decided that neither would get the money to keep, even though B was getting $ 30 for free (of course A was getting $ 70 for free, Which was not justified b).

Now researchers think that people in the West do not care about small amounts like a hundred dollars. So they decided to conduct this experiment in third world countries, where one could buy an entire month’s worth of groceries for $ 30. Are You Riding a Dead Horse?

Researchers were confident that B would never close $ 30 in Third World countries, even if A was getting $ 70. But something very strange happened.

Even in third world countries, B did not want $ 30 (one month of groceries for free) because of A incorrectly divided $ 100. Yes, B was getting a full month of groceries for free, but B decided to withdraw it because B thought it was unfair that A got $ 70 (which was for carrying two months of groceries).

Hindsight was in B shooting himself in the leg. He should have argued – it’s okay. If A keeps $ 70, I have $ 30, I can at least feed my family this month (without stressing myself) or I can do something special for them. I can

We think we are saints, but this experiment shows very clearly that we are rigid for fairness. Or in other words, we will prevent other people from being happy or successful, if they are experiencing more happiness or success than what they are currently experiencing.

Your environment (success or failure) is influenced by your energy as well as the energy of your family members, friends, and colleagues. Consciously they can say nice things about you, but subconsciously, it is the opposite. It happens automatically, it’s not their fault. But you need to be aware of it. Internal energy (until you become aware of it) is very powerful to override.

This is what is deepening within us – as long as you are suffering with me, I am happy. If I am suffering but you are not, then I will see that you are also suffering.

This leads us to the conclusion that you should choose your environment and the people around you very carefully. Make a list (on paper) of all those you know and ask yourself if they really want to see you happy? If the answer is negative then stay away from them. How do you find out if they have true interests in your heart? It is very simple. There is a saying – actions speak louder than words. People who don’t want to see you succeed will do things that betray their inner thoughts, they will do the opposite of what they say.

When you are single or divorced, it is highly likely that you are surrounded by people who are single or divorced. Like attracts and there is nothing wrong with it. So when a person enters your life, remember that people who are single or divorced are hardened to fairness.

If they are single then subconsciously (on the surface it all smiles) they are happy when you find someone. And without their knowledge or your knowledge, they sabotage your relationship with your special person. Just their negative thoughts (they don’t even verbalize it) cause problems in their relationship with their spouses.

It can come as a shock but your own mom or dad can cause problems because you are dating someone so amazing. You all know they never had such an opportunity, and since they work hard for fairness like everyone else, they sabotage your relationship.

Now, I am aware of the fact that some of you may have a wonderful relationship with your parents. But if you’re not close to mummy or papa, or you’ve been away from home for a long time, and you feel like you don’t match up with them anymore (you’re on a completely different wavelength) then it’s best to be your boyfriend. To keep secret until it is time to get married.

When I refer this experiment to my students, almost all of them are able to recall an incident where their best friend or someone really close to them did something or did something that made no sense Was (when my students were in a relationship they didn’t like the ones they loved). He remembers how it affected him, how it sowed those first seeds of doubt, and how the relationship broke up before he had a clue what was really going on.

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