Take Care of Yourself During COVID 19

Take Care of Yourself During COVID 19. I am enjoying getting caught up with old friends and family, and also keeping in touch with friends I have realized that having healthy boundaries is still important! If we wished we could literally join in on the zoom call every day! Not to mention all the amazing training too art therapy!

It helps to be clear about your values and priorities first. What is important to you? What do you value in your life and business? some examples are; Freedom, family, spirituality, etc.

Take Care of Yourself During COVID 19

We want to make sure that our decisions with how we spend our time and what we do in our lives are in alignment with the value and joy we have, even though we have additional family responsibilities. COVID19 pandemic is the biggest public health challenge.

And we don’t have to wait until someday when we _______ receive/receive.

Once you are clear on what is important to you, see what you can add (or remove) to your life now that will invite those feelings. It is about living with the feelings we want more now so that we can attract more into our lives that continue to invite those feelings!

Take Care of Yourself During COVID 19

It starts with us.

From there, we want to ensure our decisions and what we keep in our calendar in alignment with those values.

A great way to make decisions – is its alignment with my values? If it is not an absolute yes, then it is not one.

Another great way to check-in – is this alignment with my big dream of ____?

Again, if it is not a yes, then it is not a one. This is an easy way to end the training we don’t really need right now and it’s also about not saying virtual events that we don’t really want to do.

It’s okay to say no

Even if people know you are at home!

You still have to decide how and with whom you want to spend your time.

I have found myself busier than ever to start new projects and reveal new opportunities. My heart is very satisfied to do these things. Most of that time is left for my family and some time for myself.

Of course, I still like to connect with extended family and friends, and I am also doing it in a way that seems appropriate and fun.

I’ve heard someone’s motto once: if it’s not funny!

I like that Well I think you can tell that fun is one of my core values 😉

Decide what they are for you and create a strong COVID schedule that works for you and feels good.

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